Rapid Fire Overview

Please take a few minutes to go over the information provided on this page.  It will cover the features and functions for your new Rapid Fire site as well as questions and answers.  Before we create the contract for your new Rapid Fire site you will be required to fill out the information below and confirm that you have read and agree to the information below.  

The Rapid Fire sites were created with your budget and cash flow in mind.  While the Rapid Fires are packed full of great features and will allow you and your team to move away from spending your time loading and updating products to your site and get working on the running and marketing of your online store, these sites may not be right for you.  If you need more integrations or functions then please stop and call Amanda at 719 432-9415 to discover options that are available in our fully custom website programs.

First questions first.  How much and how long?  Since these are the standard first questions for most calls we are going to start with the answers to those questions.

  • For less per month then having Lunch per day, you can have a Full E Commerce site that auto updates parts and let's you get back to the business of growing your business.

The Rapid Fire site is $399.00 per month for unlimited Brands. This includes fee includes:

  • Unlimited Brands from the ASAP Network line card
  • Hosting
  • Auto updates for ASAP Network Brands (When brands update their data with new or discontinued parts, price changes, fitment changes etc. Your site will take care of making those updates for you)
  • Your SSL security certificaiton
  • Security Patches
  • Modules Updates
  • Daily, weekly and monthly site back ups

Time to develop: At the time of contract you will be required to provide certain items.  If all items requested have been provided then you should anticipate 7-10 business days from contract to be on your new site for pre launch training. 

What is Included:

  • Year Make Model Search
  • Full Category search
  • Coupons and discounts
  • Newsletter
  • Shipping quotes
  • Package Tracking
  • Sales Reports
  • Auto updating Site map
  • Builds page
  • Services Page content type
  • Tax Reports
  • Payment processing
  • Social Media Share Button
  • Face Book Feed
  • Blog
  • Unlimited Products
  • Part type mapping
  • Google Map for Brick and Mortar Locations
  • Instagram Feed
  • Page view count (you see this, not the customers)
  • Google Analytic tracking
  • On Sale Notification
  • Free Shipping Notification
  • Quick View Feature
  • Custom webforms
  • Inventory feed (you must provide the feed)
  • YouTube Video fields
  • Rotating Banners
  • Sales reports
  • Side Bar Navigation
  • Top Product tracking
  • Meta Fields 
  • Mobile Friendly and responsive platform
  • Financing options using your account with Affirm or Sezzle

Required at contract signing:

Required Information from You include the following, in order to keep your new site on development track we would like to have the following information at the time of contract signing.

Emails Address: Email address to be associated with the site.  This email needs to be domain based like info@ or contact@ (yourdomain.com)

Standard payment gateways included in this contract are:

PayPal Web Payments Standard
PayPal Web Payments Pro

Social and birth date of signer: The person that will be responsible for the payments and contract.

Shippers to use for quotes: UPS, USPS or FedEX.  We require information about YOUR business account with the shipper or shippers of your choice in order to properly quote shipping on your new site.

Google Analytics UA number:  In order to track your analytics on the new site we require your UA:

Social network links: This would be your Facebook, instagram, pinterest, YouTube, twitter etc

Tax amount to be charged for in State delivery: This will be the tax rate you will collect on sales that ship to your state.

Color Choice: Your site colors are up to you.  We will need to know what your primary colors will be for the new site

Copy of logo: Your business logo for use on your home page.

Questions Regarding Your New Site

  • Creating your new site has several layers to the project. It is important that communication is kept during this process to avoid delays in your finished website. 
  • Every effort will be made on our side to move your project along quickly. During this time you will be working with different team members. These members have their special skills and talents and will be assisting in different areas. 
  • Important Information about the new Website project we are building for you.  The better we communicate the better the project goes.  Below are some topics that are important.

Who Can I Reach out to for questions?
Your main contact will be with Amanda.  Her number is 719 432-9415, email is Amanda@asapnetwork.org  and she is available from 6A-4P Eastern Time Zone

How quickly can I expect changes to my project to be completed?
Please note that the team is always working with about 20 various clients and projects and that response back to your questions or needs is handled as quickly as possible. 

Can I reach someone 7 days a week?
We do check emails most days.  If you have an emergency we will see it and get you taken care of.
Please note that Fridays are not a working day for the team. If you need help or would like to add or remove something from your site, please try to get this information to the team before Thursday. 

Am I responsible for the domain fee each year?
Yes, you must keep your domain registration up to date.  If you fail to keep you domain then your site will not pull up online

Who pays for my Security Certificate?
You monthly payment covers the fee for the Security Certificate on your website.

Can I host this site on my servers?
No, not for the Rapid Fire site.  If you would like to have a site that is hosted on your own equipement then we can create a custom site that you can host on your own.  Please note that should your servers cause your site to function incorrectly and our team is called on to correct those issues, you will be billed at $165.00 per hour for the time.

What does my monthly payment cover?
Check the list of standard features and functions above.  Additional features can be included if you choose to upgrade your site.  Our team will provide you with a quote for the additional work.

Will I have the ability to make changes to my graphics and content?
Absolutly, you will be trained on how to add, edit and remove your content and graphics.  These are functions on your site that you are responsible for handleing.  Should you not want to take on those tasks and you wish to have our team assist you, there will be fees for having our team do the work after the site is live. We strongly advise you to take the time to view the tutorial videos and pdf instructions to get the most out of your new site.

What happens if a brand on my site no longer is hosted on ASAP?
We do pull brands off ASAP on occasion, this happens when that brand is unable to keep their data updated.  If a brand is removed from ASAP and you have this brand on your site, you will need to decide if you wish to keep that brand and complete the updates yourself or if you wish to remove them from your site.  The site will not make that choice for you and will no longer be updating a removed ASAP brand.

What if I want to add more brands and parts that are not ASAP Brands?
No problem, you can add any products from any brand that you wish on your new site.  It requires you have the data load sheet if you want to import or you can add 1 part at a time.  Our team will provide video and written instructions on this process.  

You must complete each of the steps to have a successful import.  Skipping steps means you are not going to get the desired results.  Our team is on hand for questions but the adding and updating of non ASAP brands is not a task that is covered in your monthly payment.

What happens when a person buys a part on my site?
When you get a sale on your site, a notification email is sent to you.  You will access the order on the site and complete the steps for fulfillment per that brands policies.

Can the orders be auto sent for fulfillment?
Yes, if you have products that you only fulfill via warehouses then we can set that up.  We do not recommend this.  There is fraud online and auto filling orders is a dangerous step.

Will the site automatically send tracking to customers?
No, but once you add the tracking number to the order, an email is sent to the customer.  This tracking number requires that you placed it in the tracking number section of your site.

How long after the site is live can I expect to see sales?
This can’t be answered, while sites have seen sales within hours, it depends on how your site is marketed, how long you had an original site live and many other factors. 

 Your site is the equivalent of an oven.  You will get out of the site what you put into to the site.  If you know now that you will not have the time or resources to work on your online store, but you still expect to see sales flooding in, please stop here.  We recommend picking a plug and play platform that is less cost.  We don’t wish to build a site for you if you are not able to treat it like a business, we feel the success rate is too low.

Is your team responsible for adding new content to me site?
No, we build the site and teach you how to manage your content.  This is your responsibility.  The more you interact with your site and content, the more chances you have of the search engines sending you organic traffic.

Will you be changing my banners and images during the year?
No, not unless you have asked for this feature.  You will be responsible for changing out your banners.  We recommend you keep your site new and fresh with new banners and graphics.

Will you make sure Google ranks my site on the first page of search?
No.  Ranking on the first page of google requires your interaction with the site.  The core site is designed to attract the search engines, your site auto updates and sends out your site map to google and bing, however there are over 1 billion sites that the search engines have to crawl and make the choice to serve up on the search results.  We provide videos with tips to get your site to rank.

Will you be posting to my social accounts?
No.  This is your task.  We recommend you posting to your social accounts with interesting posts that attract your buyers.  Our team will not access your accounts.

Will you be updating my shipping for me?
Not unless you have a change in your shipping policies and have asked for our help.  While many people offer free shipping, it is not our choice on how you wish to ship your orders.  During the process of building your new site we will require that you provide details on how you wish to offer shipping to your customers.

If There is an issue with any of the parts on the site, will you find and fix them?
We will address any functionality issues on your site.  We do not monitor the site for these issues and must be informed if you discover something has broke.  
Should you have an issue because of something that you or your team has done and this has caused issues on the site, we will identify and show you how to correct those issues or we can correct them for a fee.

Can I email you any time to get training or questions about functions and features on my site?
Of course.  We provide training before we launch the site and give access to a full portfolio of training videos.  If you need additional training or would like to have consultation time to better understand how your site functions, we can set up time with a team member.  Please keep in mind that our company is a service based firm and our revenue is 100 percent based on time.  

Will my site send my products to Google Shopping, Amazon, Ebay Etc?
No, not unless you create those imports.  Your site is not designed to perform paid for applications.  If you wish to have a site that accesses your billing and places your products in the marketplaces, we should talk about custom sites.

Can I call you to take a brand off my site?
Yes.  For a fee.  We deliver your site so that you can do the general maintenance required to run your business.  You will understand how to perform this task but we can do it for you if you wish pay for our time.

Will this website guarantee that my business is successful?
No.  A website is the vehicle.  Much like race cars, it requires a solid vehicle, a solid driver and constant tuning and training.  Only 3 percent of all online websites make over 1k a year is sales.  This is due to unrealistic expectation from the site owner.  If you are looking for success you must do the work to achieve that success.  There are NO overnight successes online.  

Can I add more features to my site for Free?
On occasion there is a feature you may want that requires just a few minutes of our time.  In those cases we will add that feature at no charge.  However, if you wish to have more features than you purchased then there will be additional costs.  Making your payment for the site you are contracting here does not mean you are able to have all features that will ever be.  Much like a menu at the restaurant, you purchase appetizers and get those, If you decide you want an entrée and dessert, you can have that for an additional cost.

Will my site stay live if I don’t make my monthly payment?
No.  Your site requires that you complete your agreed upon monthly fee.  Should your monthly payment fail, we will notify you, should you not resolve the payment issue the site will be taken down.  We cover the cost of hosting your site and images on servers that require payment, if you do not make that payment we not be able to provide your site with the server to host the content.

Are you responsible to teach me and my team how to run an online business?
No.  We are your web developers.  We are not being hired or paid to teach you how to run a business online.  We are not responsible for your actions or lack of actions when it comes to running your business.  

Can I call you for unlimited consultations regarding how to grow my online business?
Of Course.  Remember though, we did not sell you a business, we provided you a vehicle to operate your business and if you are not sure how to do that we recommend hiring a business management group.

Can I blame the website for low sales?
You can but it won’t be true.  We guarantee your site will function correctly.  It is your responsibility to gain the sales. 

Can I expect to be successful without putting any time or energy into my website?
You will get out of your website just what you put into it.  It will take long hours, lot’s of work to outdo your competitors and hard work on your side.  If you are not able or willing to put the time into your business, you will fail.  We would prefer to not offer you a tool that you will not use.


1 Start 2 Complete
Please include your current domain name, if no site then write None
This will be the person that is responsible for signing the contract and committing to the payment terms
What email will we use to contact you?
What number will we use to speak with you?
Your contract will require an address, this does not have to be shown on the site but will be required for billing on the site.
Your site can be set up to only import certain types of parts for certain type of Vehicles. Tell us what you're looking for.
This will be the email that will be receiving the notices of sales and that will be getting notice of contact emails. This email should be domain based and not a gmail, yahoo, etc. If you do not know what you will use then leave this blank. We can not complete your contract without this information
This is the number that will show up on your website for visitors to call
Please provide the tax rate that will be collected for people that are buying and shipping to your state.
Typically this is the state that you reside in.
Do you host your emails on a business gmail? Does your domain registrar host these emails? Will you want to have your emails hosted with your new site? Please explain so we can better understand.
If you don't have a Google Analytics number we recommend you go to https://analytics.google.com/analytics and create an account. Once created you will see a UA- with a number behind it. Without this number you will not be able to track visitors to your site.
Do you take Paypal? Credit Card Processor? Please tag the apporiate method below, you can pick more than 1
Let us know if you are going to do free shipping over a certain price or a flat rate instead of the shipping quotes
The color will be used in all areas that have have an accent color. If you wish to just give color we will apply that base color. If you have a color code please put that in below
When you bought your domain name, who did you buy that through? Godaddy? Bluehost? etc. We will need to have log in access to this information prior to launching your new site,
Please let us know if you have the following types of content on your site. If you do not have the type of content at this time, do not mark the block
It is recommended you call this something other than "Blog"
We will need to have additional information from your account to add this feature. We will get that during the production phase
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