Air Conditioning

We’ll provide your auto air conditioning with a complete checkup!

During the heat of summer, there is nothing more enjoyable than the feel of the air conditioning blowing through the vents in your car. There is also nothing more frustrating than your AC giving out when you need it most! Whether you’re gearing up for a weekend trip or want to enjoy the cold air after walking across a hot parking lot after work, you should know that your car AC is going to provide the relief you need.

Oil Change

One great reason to come in to see us for your next oil change is because we can help you select the right kind of oil for your engine’s performance.

Wheel Alignment

Your vehicle needs proper wheel alignment to make sure you’re safe going down the road.

When it comes to the routine maintenance of your vehicles, there are a few things you probably know that you should do on a regular basis, like making sure to have an oil change and topping off your engine fluids. But would you know whether to ask for a wheel alignment as part of your car care routine, too?

Auto Inspections

Finding a great place to have your auto inspections done can sometimes be harder than it seems. While many places offer state inspections, they can’t always get you in for a timely appointment, and they don’t always provide the best customer service.

At Webber Offroad & Performance, we believe you should get great services whether you’re coming in for engine repair or you just need to keep your vehicles equipped for the road. That’s why we’re ready to provide fast, efficient auto inspections for all of your vehicles in Winston-Salem.

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